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Your copy of the "Davis-Monthan Airfield Register" with all the pilots' signatures and helpful cross-references to pilots and their aircraft is available at the link. Or use this FORM to order a copy signed by the author. ISBN 978-0-9843074-0-1.


C.W. Gilpin is cited on pp. 125 & 203 in Ruth M. Reinhold's 1982 book entitled, "Sky Pioneering: Arizona in Aviation History" (University of Arizona Press, Tucson. ISBN 0-8165-0737-6). Refer to pages 125 and 203 et seq. for information about Mr. Gilpin.


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Charles W. "Bill" Gilpin was was best known as an early air transport operator based at Glendale Airport, Los Angeles, CA. His company, G&G Gilpin Airlines, flew the route from Los Angeles to San Diego to Agua Caliente in Old Mexico. As a customer courtesy, he stopped at Long Beach or Palm Springs along the way at no extra charge.

Gilpin was called by different nicknames by his family and friends. Depending upon which photograph caption or news reportage you read, his name may be cited as "Carl", "Gil", "Charlie" or "Bill". "Official" documents focused on Charles William, but a "Carl" sneaks in once or twice.

Regardless, Gilpin was a frequent visitor to Tucson (11 landings between 1926 and 1929). He and his airplanes were inspected frequently by the Border Patrol at Tucson, as his business took him into Old Mexico with passengers looking for a good time south of the border during Prohibition.

This small Collection of 50 images, newsclips and documents provides us a vignette of the personal and business life of one of our more entrepreneurial pilots. Note particularly the artifacts, such as the pristine Pickwick Airways baggage sticker and the Ft. Bliss Christmas menus. Take time to examine these unique and important personal records of the Golden Age of Aviation. Enjoy everything!

AIRLINES (10 items) Includes original Pickwick Airways baggage sticker; Gilpin Air Lines brochures and advertisments.

AIRPLANES (9 items) Includes photographs of several airplanes flown by Gilpin.

DOCUMENTS (15 items) Includes originals of G&G Gilpin Airline stationery, tourist permits for Mexican travel and Pickwick Airways letter of recommendation.

OBITUARY (9 items) Includes news items from several local newspapers that document his death in a plane crash in Mexico, Wednesday July 13, 1932.

PEOPLE ( 3 items) Includes candid shot of part of Gilpin family, and C.W. Gilpin in Pickwick Airways uniform.

PLACES ( 4 items) Includes Christmas menus from Ft. Bliss, TX for 1922 and 1924, which list not only the bill of fare, but all the personnel based there at the time.



The Register
Thanks to Clarence B. Gilpin, nephew of C.W. Gilpin, and his family for sharing with us this Collection of images and documents.
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