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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.


Undated news article is from: Donna Veca & Skip Mazzio, 1987. "Just Plane Crazy". Aviation Book Company, Glendale, CA ISBN 0-940997-01-0. p. 93

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This airplane is a Golden Eagle Chief (S/N C-801) manufactured March 9, 1929 by the R.O. Bone Company, Inglewood, CA (R.O. Bone, President; W.G. Mead, VP).  It left the factory with a Le Blond 7-cylinder radial engine (S/N 7 D-366) of 90 HP.   It was a two-place airplane.  It was manufactured “for pleasure and demonstration”.

The Golden Eagle landed twice at Tucson, Monday March 11th and on Monday March 25, 1929.  Below, found at eBay, is an image of Bobbi Trout with 522.

Bobbi Trout With Golden Eagle Chief 522, Ca. 1929 (Source: Web)

On the 11th it was flown by Bobbi Trout, carrying W.G. Mead as passenger.  They were eastbound from Los Angeles, CA to El Paso, TX.  This undated news article, below right, captures them during their voyage. The spelling of her name is variously "Bobby", "Bobbie" or "Bobbi". She used Bobbi in later years.

1929 Trip News

They must have completed their joint, two-week trip promptly.  The second landing on the 25th was flown by W.G. Mead solo, and he was headed back eastbound from San Diego, CA to San Antonio, TX.

Things were happening fast for this airplane.  Subsequently, by wire on March 30, 1929, an application for a “NX” registration was submitted by Golden Eagle Aircraft Corporation, successors to R.O. Bone Company.  The airplane was sold to Golden Eagle Corp. and the bill of sale was dated April 18, 1929.  The NX license was issued on May 3, 1929 to expire in November.

Alas, it did not expire.  NX522 suffered an accident in Los Angeles on July 8, 1929.  Pilot Eddie Martin (signed the Register), transport license #2507, was uninjured.  The airplane was “washed out” and the registration was cancelled July 25, 1929.  Thus, the photograph above probably predates May 3rd, because the NX is missing from the number on the wing. It definitely predates July 8th. No further information.



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