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A copy of the Davis-Monthan Airfield Register with cross-references to pilots and airplanes is available here.


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This handsome airplane is an Inland W-500 Supersport manufactured in 1929 under ATC # 315. It was powered by a Warner Scarab 125 HP 7-cylinder radial engine. Follow the link for additional information about this airplane, and the six other Inlands of the Davis-Monthan Register.

NC252N landed at Tucson once on August 24, 1931 flown solo by Martie Bowman. She was inbound from Phoenix headed for Cleveland as a participant in the 1931 National Air Races.

While I have no image of the airplane from the Golden Age, the image, below, courtesy of Mr. Borden (right sidebar), was taken about 1950 with its owners at the time, Harry Singleton and his family.

Inland NC252N, 1950
Inland NC252N, 1950

NC252N lived in Kentucky until July 2007. It was purchased by Mr. Borden and trucked to Texas where it lives today, awaiting restoration. Below, is an image of the airplane in Mr. Borden's garage with him and his grandson aboard.

NC252N, November 2007
NC252N, November 2007

If you follow the link to my general information page for Inland aircraft, you'll find that Mr. Borden's grandfather was the designer of the Inland prototype, NX7225. As the keeper of this site, it gives me great pleasure to link five generations of one family to an airplane that landed at Tucson on a dusty Monday in August 1931, and flown by one of the premier female pilots of the era as well.



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Images and information on this page are shared with us by Lance Borden, the present owner of NC252N.
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