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This information comes from the listings of Non-Prefixed and Non-Suffixed aircraft reviewed by me in the archives of the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register
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Registration Number 2544

Rare Bird

This airplane is a Martin Model 70 Commercial, S/N 96, one of only two built. It was manufactured between March and July, 1924 by the Glen L. Martin Company, 16800 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH. It was fitted with a Hispano-Wright engine, S/N 6320, of 190 HP. This engine was built by Wright on 6/16/1923. The aircraft weighed 3,335 pounds, had a wingspan of 38 feet, wing area of 367 square feet and length of 27 feet 10 inches. It was built, “for special flights carrying personnel or property of Glenn L. Martin Co.”

It landed at the Davis-Monthan Airfield on 7/10/1927 while owned and operated by the Martin Co. The pilot was Kenneth R. Cole carrying Arthur E. Davies as sole passenger. They arrived from Gila Bend at 6:30 PM and departed for Cleveland at 8:30 PM that evening. It had logged about 98 hours total time. During the two hours it was on the ground, it was inspected by the U.S. Border Patrol. No reason was given for the inspection.

It was reportedly (no bill of sale) sold on 11/26/1927 to Automobile Sales Co., 918 Union Ave., Memphis, TN. It was sold again in 1927 (no date given) to Charles F. Sterchi, Mississippi Valley Airway, Knoxville, TN (and General Delivery, West Palm Beach, FL). It suffered an accident on 2/12/1928 at Hialeah, FL. The pilot, Herbert Meigs Toomey of 721 43rd St., West palm Beach, FL, and two passengers were unhurt.

It changed hands sometime in 1928, going to W.F. Walker, West Palm Beach, FL. All papers were lost in a hurricane, and the airplane was purchased on 12/3/1928 by Jack Walton, 2830 Morgan St., Tampa, FL. Walton said that the c/n of the airplane is 94 on the manufacturer’s plate. It had no engine as of April, 1929.

Hispano-Suiza engine c/n 81771 was installed as of 6/24/1929, and it was assigned title without bills of sale on 5/24/1929. On 5/7/1931 Hispano-Suiza engine c/n 86899 was installed, “with a set of twin floats”.

It was sold on 11/19/1931 to Joseph S. Shannon, Hotel Poinsetta, West Palm Beach, FL. It crashed at Bimini, Bahamas on 12/15/1931. J.S. Shannon and Albert K Padaga were on board. The airplane was “washed out” and its registration was cancelled on 2/9/1932.


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